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Finance Bill 2023: What You Should Know About Major Changes in Tax Proposals
The National Treasury submitted the bill to parliament, which is currently under public participation, for approval in June 2023. The bill seeks to raise tax revenue to fund President William Ruto's administration's first budget pegged at KSh 3.64 trillion. The new proposals, which take effect... Read More

How to empower women politically in Kenya
Empowering women politically in Kenya is an important step towards achieving gender equality and inclusive governance. Here are some strategies and actions that can help promote women's political empowerment in Kenya:Promote women's education: Enhancing access to quality education for girls and women is crucial. Educated... Read More

Understanding the role of politicians in Kenya's economy
Politicians hold a significant responsibility in shaping the economy of Kenya. As elected officials, they have the power to create policies that directly impact businesses, industries, and individuals. They are responsible for allocating public resources, setting tax rates, and regulating the economy.In order to create... Read More

Key steps to combat corruption in Kenya
Corruption has been a long-standing problem in Kenya, undermining the country's economic growth, social welfare, and political stability. Despite numerous efforts to combat it, corruption remains deeply entrenched in many aspects of Kenyan society, from the highest levels of government to the grassroots. To effectively... Read More